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How much of your working day is spent engaged in communication of some sort? At least 90%, we would guess, but a very large percentage in any case -- and of that we are confident. Communication skills are essential and should be a top priority of all leaders.

Am I guiding and inspiring others through my communication or the contrary? Am I using the appropriate medium? Am I projecting a positive image? In what ways can I improve my delivery skills and have motivational impact all around me? What do I need to know about nonverbal communication in order to have more influence? How can I use my emotions positively instead of being paralyzed by them? In what ways can I improve my clarity so that my listeners are always engaged? How can I create a relationship with my audience? How can I communicate in difficult situations and remain assertive but not aggressive? In what ways can I become more skilled in dialogue? What importance does listening have in communication?

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