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“The training is great! It helped me understand multicultural working environment deeply and in a practical manner. Sarah always encourages you and pushes you to be better, she coaches you on how to manage yourself and improve your team performance in international projects.

The leadership training is pragmatic with interactive exercises. You can enhance your leadership because it makes you know yourself much more clearly and objectively.”

Tenglong MA

Marketing Manager

Aviation Industry Corporation of China

"Je me rends compte de la profondeur de votre approche, ainsi que de l'humanité qu'elle apporte."

Pierre Froment

Directeur R&T Equipements & Systèmes  – Groupe SAFRAN

VP R&T System & Equipment – SAFRAN Group

“Sarah is passionate about people’s development and supports and coaches individuals and teams to realise their potential.

 During the courses I attended, there were many EUREKA moments when individuals gained understanding of their own behaviours.  I have personally seen sustained change in my own performance and that of my team thanks to Sarah.

Sarah is a skillful and dedicated professional who understands the client’s needs and ensures those on the course are motivated to take responsibility for their own personal journey in leadership.  The individual commitment, team spirit and bonding that was achieved in a few days of Sarah’s facilitation would have taken months to achieve otherwise.”

Charles Casson

Head of Aerostructures and Technical Services

Marshall Aerospace

“It is possible to have one of those life-changing moments during one of these trainings. She has an extraordinary aptitude and a very sensitive ability to “feel” the people she is working with. From the training, you get a self-understanding that might exceed your expectations. And self-understanding is probably what you need most to succeed in both your professional and personal life. For instance, you can learn how to reach your targets efficiently by using your natural assets rather than struggling to overcome your limitations…”

Enrico Chesta

AMBA Alumnus

“The coaching I did was a very positive experience which really helped me—and still helps me—to make progress on key skills, namely: leadership, communication, conflict resolution and inspiring others. On top of that, Sarah is fully involved in the coaching and has an exceptional ability to “get in your shoes” and help you work on yourself from the inside, and then move forward. I am still moving forward, even though the coaching is finished…This is what makes the difference!”

Hélène Cerbelaud

Head of Strategy

Airbus Test Centre

“She helped us learn about our different cultures and more importantly about ourselves as individuals and about our own culture.

The leadership classes gave us more knowledge about how and why people behave the way they do, not only in a business context.”

Markus Angerer

Deputy CEO

AEE Aircraft Electronic Engineering GmbH

«I enjoyed the lovely Teambuilding seminar; it was really a successful and constructive experience, I learned a lot about myself, and was able to get to know my new colleagues and became closer to them. We worked together as a group in different projects and assignments and the experience I got from the seminar helped me a lot to touch on everyone's advantages and weak points. Thanks to the advice from my colleagues, I discovered new things inside me which will help me in the future. It was really an enjoyable experience.”

Ahmed Rihan

Executive Director, Industry Affairs & Training

Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO)

“An organization that is composed of different types of people coming from different families with different cultures can easily experience conflict if the people are not prepared.

The Teambuilding training gave me knowledge to understand this and to open my mind so that I could accept them and lead the team toward company objectives.”

Mingche CHUANG



“She is a superb professional who is able to understand the subtleties arising from multicultural origins. She puts her abilities, experience and “sixth sense” to the service of the group. She really helps you not only to understand, accept and value cultural differences but at the same time she helps in personal growth aiding with insight that leads to self-awareness. I had a life changing experience that really helped me to manage multicultural situations and other complex relationships, whether personal or professional.”

LT Colonel Raul E. Gutierrez-Gomez

Colombian Air Force

Aerospace Technologies Research Center Director

"I have experienced the courses in the personal development area at Executive Maritime MBA, Euromed Management. I found them very good because they helped me develop awareness of myself and a better understanding of interpersonal behavior, both of which are essential for a manager to be efficient and to make decisions."

Jean-François CHAPELLE

Head of Subsidiaries and Agencies Controlling department, Finance


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